Friday, 25 March 2016


This story is also available in the anthology Brit Boys: On Boys.

Archie survived The Change, when the sky turned red and rocks rained down on Earth, destroying one half of London. He lost everyone in his family—and his job as a fireman. Now he works in an office, his life filled with uncertainty and terror. Something isn’t right. Infomercials on the TV tell him how to live, how to dress, and how to conduct himself. He has no friends, his world reduced to loneliness and confusion.

More confusion is on the way in the form of Dan, a man from The Other Side, the part of London where people live like rats and harbour disease. When Dan tells Archie what’s really going on, life is even more sinister than Archie thought. The government have been lying, and everyone on Earth has no choice but to comply with their wishes.

The two men strike up a friendship, and together they plan to do as they’re told and live as best they can. But the government has other ideas; Archie and Dan once again face a frightening and heart-wrenching experience. One they are supposed to forget…

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