Sunday, 6 April 2014

Supporting Sarah Daltry

I logged onto Facebook today, saw a link shared by a friend, and followed it. What I found there saddened me quite a bit. An author, Sarah Daltry, was very open and honest about where she’s at in her life/career. To be at the point of suicide owing to experiences she has been through while writing is utterly harrowing. She’s been bullied, among other things, into giving up publishing her books. You can read her post HERE, although it won’t be there for long as she plans to close her site.

The reason for my posting about it is to ask, as I have on Facebook, for you to do two things. One, go to her site and leave her a hug in comments. It’s vital, I think, to offer her comfort at this moment in her life, where she appears to be at one of her lowest points. We’ve all read stories in the paper where someone thought others didn’t care so took their own lives, then all those people who did care are left wondering why they didn’t say so while that person was alive. I don’t know Sarah, I just followed the link, but I care that she’s been bullied, care that she’s down, and I wanted her to know that. The second thing I would love is if, like me, you would go to Amazon and purchase one of her books. They aren’t expensive. I got mine for just 77p. Why did I buy it? Because the characters she has created are such a big part of her life and heart I wanted her to know they might become a big part of mine once I’ve read the book. That her dream of sharing these people with the world wasn’t a wasted one. That someone enjoyed her vision. That she touched someone.

A click to her site, the typing of one word in her blog comments. A click to another site, a click to download one of her books. That’s all it would take from you—a series of clicks. It’s not much to us, but to her, I suspect it would be everything.

Buy Sarah's Books HERE.

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  1. I wrote a similar post several hours ago. I'm glad that some of us care enough to support her.