Saturday, 12 July 2014

Working with the Wife

What is it like working with your wife?

First I was afraid, I was petrified… Actually, it's a breeze. I think it helps with us having many similarities in things we like and get irked by. We sit about three inches apart so it’s easier to help one another out on what looks good and what doesn’t. The only thing she does that I wish she didn’t is using a weird term for the filters on Photoshop. She calls it “flicking”. I dare not ask why—her mind is a crazy place.

Do you find it difficult to be with her 24/7?

Spend all day, everyday with your best friend? No, not at all. She needs to watch Star Wars, though. Then it would be awesome.

What would you change about your working relationship?


What is it like working for Totally Bound?

Busy, busy, and busy. Seriously, the company is a joy to work for. Everybody is so nice and helpful. I’ve never worked for a company where my well-being and happiness in my job is a primary concern before. It takes some getting used to.

Your wife is also an erotic writer. How do you feel about that?

What's not to like? Other than the awkward positions with my arms etc. I’ve sometimes made for her while she writes so she can get a clearer view on “things”. She mainly asks me to provide names for her characters. Some have made it into books. Usually for her Sarah Masters killers.

How do you think your friends perceive your life being married to a woman who writes rude books?

My friends don't say anything other than the occasional ribbing from time to time.

Have you read any of her books?

Yes, I have. She’d been writing for a few years when she asked me to read a short erotic story. She left the room and it felt weird to know she’d written it. Then I bought Good Cop Bad Cop co-written with Lily Harlem. I read some every night and I must say I enjoyed it. The last book I read was Murder Game. I guessed who the murderer was but admit that I felt at a loose end once I’d finished.

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

Hopefully in exactly the same position I am in now.

What is your greatest wish?

Health, wealth and happiness. 2 out of 3 ain't bad so far :)


  1. You are such a fabulous, wonderful hubby and I agree, she should watch Star Wars LOL

  2. I think it's wonderful when couples get to work together and love it.

  3. What a fun interview! You are both SO brave to work together! I'm not sure I could do it....