Saturday, 22 March 2014

Interview - Lily Harlem and her THREE Hunky Men!

Lily Harlem is not only one of the best writers on the planet, in my opinion, but also one of my best friends. She’s amazing, lovely, kind, brilliant, and all the other nice words you can think of. Honestly, she’s a beautiful person inside and out. It’s with much excitement that I welcome her here today, because she’s written a rather saucy book about three men…

Hello, my dear! So, dish the dirt! What inspired you to write about three hunky men?

The honest truth? I was having a complete splurge on Strikeback——and having lustful thoughts about Sullivan Stapleton. Oh, yum, there's something about him and with plenty of naked, sweaty scenes that feature his hot butt I was inspired to write. So when the brief for a military m/m novella came in from Totally Bound my mind was quickly romping down the route of sexy secret service guys releasing all that tension after dark and dangerous missions. 

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LOL @ lustful thoughts. I don’t even have to imagine what was going through your mind hahaha! What's the story about?

The protagonist is Ken. He's not a solider, he's a garden centre manager living in the UK in a quaint little cottage he shares with his lover, Jack. Jack is a soldier, he's SAS, and he and Ken have enjoyed a D/s relationship for years. It's not common knowledge amongst his colleagues that Jack is gay, but on one particular occasion he brings a fellow soldier home who just happens to prefer men to women. Ken and Jack are very close and have shared all of their deepest fantasies, one of which is Ken's desire to experience a ménage a trois. can guess what happens in that pretty little thatched cottage when two lusty soldiers who are not only trained to kill but also determined to be the best of the best—whatever it is they are doing—set themselves on little submissive Ken!

OMG. I bet it’s really roooooooood! I must buy this book and see for myself. So, pardon me for being blunt, but did you find it difficult having three willies to deal with?

Oh, the more the merrier, that's what I think. LOL. (Em: How did I know you were going to say that?) No, it worked out just fine. Choreography always has to be really closely examined in sex scenes involving more than two people but this worked out fine, especially since Jack has an element of the voyeur in him and was happy to watch the action for some of the time.

Oooh, so we have the added delight of someone watching. Will you be writing more M/M in the future? I need to know this because, well, I just do. I mean, I don’t want you to think I’m stalking you or anything, waiting for you to produce more rudeness. No, I’m just asking in a general interviewer-type manner (clears throat), honest!

LOL. Yes, definitely. I enjoy M/M and it seems readers enjoy reading it. I particularly liked throwing an M/M novel into the middle of my Hot Ice Series (go HERE) which is mainly M/F. It went down well with readers and because it's a standalone read got a ton of great reviews. You can find out more about High-Sticked HERE

I love that series! What's up next on your writing agenda?

More Hot Ice (I love writing about those bad boys!), a paranormal novel called Bite Mark, that has a sequel, Claw Mark, and a secret project that I'm looking forward to getting my head down on during the summer months. The thought of sitting in the garden, a long cool drink at my side, bees buzzing, the birds singing and peaceful warm days to just write is something I'm longing for. Bliss.

Oh, that sounds heavenly, and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing what that summer of writing produces. I know I am! Lovely, as always, to speak with you, and please, come back again soon!

Thanks for letting me come over and play with my military hunks!

Lily x


  1. Oh, and now I'm going gooey over Sullivan Stapleton all over again. I've just read that he's hurt himself, though, and the next season of Strikeback has been delayed - if they're looking for volunteers to mop his brow and kiss his sore bits better then I'm top of that list!