Friday, 29 January 2016

Thank You, Spliced Buyers!

I’ve been amazed at the response from readers regarding the Spliced series. All my worrying about whether our boys would be accepted, or that people wouldn’t be willing to give them a try, has been for naught. Our readers have gone forth and pre-ordered the books, many people buying all four at once, and I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I am for that.

As a writer, it takes balls—God, do I know it!—to write something “out of the norm”. It’s a risk trying something new, because you don’t want it to put people off you or for them to dismiss you as being insane for writing a book about a shifter who isn’t just one species but two. But people never fail to surprise me, and in this case, I was so pleased and relieved that our readers have been willing to give us a chance. As far as I can see, readers are looking forward to trying “different”, and I haven’t seen any negative comments anywhere. Of course, they might be expressed in private, but again, there has been respect in that none of it has been public. I thank you for that as well.

Authors—or me, anyway—do worry about not pleasing readers. We write for you—as well as having to write because it’s in our blood, so to speak—and if we’re doing something off the wall or whatever, we have moments of crushing doubt as to whether we’ll let our readers down.

I’m overwhelmed by the support for Spliced and us as the creators. I know my fellow authors, Lavinia Lewis, Lily Harlem, and Jambrea Jo Jones would agree with me that the support and acceptance is something that is so important to us because we care about reader reactions and writing books that you will enjoy.

Already, we have charted in the top 50 on Amazon in the gay categories—on pre-orders, something that hasn’t happened to any of us before. So not only did we take a nail-biting chance on writing these books, we have been rewarded with reader loyalty. THANK YOU to all those who have purchased the books so far. I’m getting rather emotional here, because without you, our stories would disappear and our vision, our desire to bring something fresh to people, to please folks and give them something to enjoy, wouldn’t happen.

At present, all books are 99p/c and will remain so until March first. However, Sharkorilla will stay at 99p/c for an indefinite time.

I’ll end now with a hug and my sincere gratitude. You have made four authors so happy!

The Books

Series Blurb:

When scientists mess with the most primitive elements of a man’s core, the results are bound to be explosive.

Living a loveless existence is hard for any shifter, but having DNA spliced with creatures who stand out from the crowd is damn near impossible. Which is why four experimented-on souls decide to break free from the chains that hold them, climb the fences that circle them, and go in search of adventure, passion and most of all, their mates.

But nothing worth having is ever easy, and for Sharkorilla, Pugorilla, Kangorilla and Elephorilla, this is definitely the case. They’ve come to the end of one very long, hard and frustrating road, but now, with the help of men who have big hearts, they must shed their fears, accept their bodies, and be true to the desires that burn within them. The only problem is, will they get away with it?

Individual Books:

Sharkorilla – Mason has been tasked with the job of helping his fellow shifters escape from the compound. Two techs need his help to ensure the breakout goes smoothly. One of those techs, Brennan, has a thing for Mason—and Mason has a thing for Brennan too.

Once Mason and his three friends are out of the compound, running for their lives across the expanse of the Yorkshire Moors, Mason wonders whether they’ll manage to be free for more than the time it takes to speed farther than a few feet. Freedom—the feeling of it is addictive, and Mason wants more of it. He isn’t prepared to give it up without a fight.

With Brennan by his side, Mason knows he can accomplish anything. There is one burning question, though. Can Mason really accept who he is? Can he learn to love himself as half shark, half gorilla? If he doesn’t, he has a feeling life won’t be all roses, despite being free of the compound.

So, he’ll just have to give his new life his best shot, won’t he?

Pugorilla - After being created in a lab, his DNA spliced with both canine and primate genes, Dex has spent his entire life locked up. He has always longed to see the outside world and to find lasting love with that one special person—dreams he never thought would come to fruition. Yet when he and his friends discover a plot to kill them all, they have no choice but to plan an escape. A life outside the walls of their compound is everything that Dex has ever hoped for, but there’s only one problem—James, a lab technician who Dex can’t seem to get out of his heart or head.

Kangorilla – Joey has it tough. Not only has he been spliced with a kangaroo and a gorilla, he’s also been brought to the other side of the world. Feeling exploited, desperate and wishing he had love, companionship and acceptance, he takes the risk of leaving the compound in the search of happiness. But will he find it? Or has the person he’s drawn to got other ideas? It certainly seems that way as the temperature goes from boiling hot to downright frosty.

Elephorilla - George hates change, but when his only two options are death or escape, he runs away with his friends into the unknown. Will he be able to find not only a new life, but a new love?

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