Saturday, 20 July 2013

Burnout Sucks!

Slap me, I've been a terrible blogger--terrible on the Facebook side of things too. With the amount of pressure I put on myself, I suffered burnout. It happens to us all, I know, but I pushed and pushed until I went way past the warning signs. Forgetting things. Sleepless nights. Heart ticking oddly. So, I gave in and started slowing down a bit, otherwise I knew it would become a health issue--possibly a mental one, too, even though I'm mental enough already haha! Mr E, my dad and two BFFs are always asking me to slow down, to rest, to give myself a break. I finally listened. I must say I feel a lot better in myself today as I got quite depressed for a bit as well. Pardon me for sounding like the griping bitch from hell, but I also twanged my back again and suffered a locked shoulder, which halted any gym or swimming sessions, so I feel quite the blimp.

Moving swiftly on...

Book one in the Sexy as
Hell Trilogy (#2 The
Player, #3 The Vixen)
There are quite a few books coming out in various names from me. First up is news that the BDSM novel trilogy written with Lily Harlem (under the name Harlem Dae) will be released in a few days. We're so excited about these books. Now they're complete, we've started the short stories involving the secondary characters. There are so many that we'll keep you busy reading for a long time to come! Whoo hoo! But the main reason we're so excited is that we wrote them with no restraints. Whatever wanted to come out, came out, and although there are some shocking moments, we feel we've stayed true to ourselves and what the story needed. I will say they should be read in order. They're basically a 300K novel split into three, so if you started with book 2 (and why would you when book 1 will be free for a while...) you'd possibly think our hero and heroine are unlikable, but if you read them one after the other, their behaviour makes perfect sense.

In between the main trilogy and beginning the secondaries, we wrote a mini trilogy that has been submitted to a publisher. The series title is called A Bit of Strange, and it's about a woman who has a fantasy (or three) involving a stranger. These were a blast to write, came out very quickly, and we're pleased with their rude appeal. More news on those when we get it!

Out in October
Talking of rude appeal, I have some M/M titles coming soon--Always (out on pre-order now with 10% off if you get a Total-E-Bound account), Cabin Fever, Needing, Wanting, and my Vincent serial--plus re-releases from Sarah Masters well into next year. You might have noticed Blinded as a re-release, going out in five parts. The first one is FREE HERE, which is absolutely groovy, because who doesn't like free books? I'm rather partial to them myself, and while I was resting up at weekends recently, I read quite a few. It was nice to just chill out and indulge.

I've also been working on a Geraldine O'Hara book, submitted and contracted, and I'll let you know when that's available. In the meantime, out on pre-order at the moment is The Key, which was hilarious to write and very different from my usual M/F stuff. Sometimes you've got to  have a good old laugh, haven't you, otherwise you go a bit batty. I also self-published a little story by GO called The Pearl Necklace, and that's available on Amazon, but don't buy it if you were going to because I'll be putting it up for free shortly to celebrate the release of The Key.

As Natalie Dae I've written a short BDSM and subbed it, plus I'm writing a BDSM novel about a woman cop who's pretending to be a prostitute in order to infiltrate a gang. I won't give anything else away yet because although I sort of know where it's going, it might not end up getting there. My books have minds of their own.

I must just say a massive thank you to all who purchased my self-published BDSM book, The Contract. It did better than I imagined it would, and we were able to take Smallest out on a much-needed day trip to a theme park. It was wonderful for me and Mr E, too, because we forgot the stresses and strains and just enjoyed ourselves. That day out couldn't have come at a better time, and without your support we wouldn't have been able to go, so my thanks are heartfelt.

I did wonder whether my shoulder and back issues were related to some of the rides. I, um, went on a few, and one, this bloody runaway mine train thing, rattled me about so much I got off thinking I'd have several bruises on my back for my trouble. Then there was the roller coaster, and the STUPID log flume where I got soaked, and these barrel things that are similar to giant teacup rides--I laughed so hard while on it, especially as I was told off for making our barrel spin too fast. But it was fun!

So, once again, I'll end this post saying I'll try to blog more in future. And I will try. Honest!

Thanks for visiting!

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